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DrawSteps.C File Reference

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THStack * GetStack (const TList &forward, const char *sub, const char *name)
TH1Rebin (TH1 *h, Int_t rebin)
TH1Ratio (const TH1 *h1, const TH1 *h2)
Int_t Ratio (THStack *r, const THStack *h1, const THStack *h2)
void AddToAll (THStack *all, const TH1 *h, Bool_t singleStep)
void DimEntry (Int_t thisId, Int_t step, TLegendEntry *e)
void DrawStep (THStack *deltas, THStack *nchs, THStack *prims, TH1 *dndeta, Int_t step)
void DrawSteps (const char *filename="forward.root", Bool_t single=true)

Detailed Description

Christian Holm Christensen
Thu Nov 17 11:34:01 2011

Definition in file DrawSteps.C.