AliPhysics  ba8894a (ba8894a)
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6 #if !(defined(__CINT__) || defined(__MAKECINT__))
8 #endif
10 class TH1;
11 class TH2;
35  public:
39  // Sets up and runs the task
42  void ExecOnce();
43  Bool_t Run();
45 protected:
47  Double_t ApplyHadCorrOneTrack(Int_t icluster, Double_t hadCorr);
48  Double_t ApplyHadCorrAllTracks(Int_t icluster, Double_t hadCorr);
49  void DoMatchedTracksLoop(Int_t icluster, Double_t &totalTrkP, Int_t &Nmatches, Double_t &trkPMCfrac, Int_t &NMCmatches);
50  void DoTrackLoop();
51  Double_t GetEtaSigma(Int_t pbin) const;
52  UInt_t GetMomBin(Double_t pt) const;
53  Double_t GetPhiMean(Int_t pbin, Int_t centbin) const;
54  Double_t GetPhiSigma(Int_t pbin, Int_t centbin) const;
55  Double_t ComputeM02Subtraction(const AliVCluster* cluster, Double_t energyclus, Int_t Nmatches, Double_t totalTrkP, Double_t hadCorr);
57  // Task configuration
69 #if !(defined(__CINT__) || defined(__MAKECINT__))
70  // Handle mapping between index and containers
73 #endif
74  std::map <AliVTrack *, AliParticleContainer *> fTrackToContainerMap;
76  // QA plots
77  TH2 *fHistMatchEtaPhi[10][9][2];
100  private:
104  // Allows the registration of the class so that it is available to be used by the correction task.
108  ClassDef(AliEmcalCorrectionClusterHadronicCorrection, 5); // EMCal cluster hadronic correction component
110 };
AliEmcalCorrectionClusterHadronicCorrection & operator=(const AliEmcalCorrectionClusterHadronicCorrection &)
double Double_t
Definition: External.C:58
TH2 * fHistMatchEtaPhiAll
!deta vs. dphi of matched cluster-track pairs
TH2 * fHistMatchEtaPhi[10][9][2]
!deta vs. dphi of matched cluster-track pairs
TH2 * fHistNonEmbTrackMatchesOversub[5]
!Over-subtracted energy / cluster energy with non-embedded track matches (embedded matches < 5%) ...
TH2 * fHistOversubMCClusters[5]
!Over-subtracted energy / cluster energy (cluster MC energy fraction > 95%)
Bool_t fUseConstantSubtraction
Flag to perform constant rather than fractional subtract (only applicable if using M02 scheme) ...
static RegisterCorrectionComponent< AliEmcalCorrectionClusterHadronicCorrection > reg
TH2 * fHistOversubNonMCClusters[5]
!Over-subtracted energy / cluster energy (cluster MC energy fraction < 5%)
Bool_t fDoNotOversubtract
do not oversubtract energy from cluster (embedding only)
AliEmcalContainerIndexMap< AliClusterContainer, AliVCluster > fClusterContainerIndexMap
! Mapping between index and cluster containers
TH2 * fHistMatchEvsP[5]
!cluster energy vs. track momentum of matched pairs
TH1 * fHistEsubPch[10]
!Esub vs. total momentum of matched tracks (only 1 match)
TH1 * fHistEafter
!average energy of clusters after correction vs. centrality
TH2 * fHistEsubPchRatAll[5]
!Esub/momentum of matched tracks vs. total momentum of matched tracks (all number of matches) ...
int Int_t
Definition: External.C:63
unsigned int UInt_t
Definition: External.C:33
Base class for correction components in the EMCal correction framework.
TH2 * fHistEsubPchRat[10]
!Esub/momentum of matched tracks vs. total momentum of matched tracks (only 1 match) ...
Double_t fEexclCell
energy/cell that we cannot subtract from the clusters
std::map< AliVTrack *, AliParticleContainer * > fTrackToContainerMap
! Mapping between AliVTracks and their respective particle containers. Needed for AODs only...
Bool_t fPlotOversubtractionHistograms
compute and plot oversubtracted energy from embedded/signal matches (embedding only) ...
Double_t ComputeM02Subtraction(const AliVCluster *cluster, Double_t energyclus, Int_t Nmatches, Double_t totalTrkP, Double_t hadCorr)
Hadronic correction component in the EMCal correction framework.
TH1 * fHistEbefore
!average energy of clusters before correction vs. centrality
void DoMatchedTracksLoop(Int_t icluster, Double_t &totalTrkP, Int_t &Nmatches, Double_t &trkPMCfrac, Int_t &NMCmatches)
Definition: External.C:220
TH1 * fHistNclusMatchvsCent
!n clusters matched to some track vs. centrality
bool Bool_t
Definition: External.C:53
AliEmcalContainerIndexMap< AliParticleContainer, AliVParticle > fParticleContainerIndexMap
! Mapping between index and particle containers
Bool_t fUseM02SubtractionScheme
Flag to enable hadronic correction scheme using cluster M02 value.
TH2 * fHistOversub[5]
!Over-subtracted energy / cluster energy
TH2 * fHistEmbTrackMatchesOversub[5]
!Over-subtracted energy / cluster energy with embedded track matches (non-embedded matches < 5%) ...
Definition: External.C:196
TH2 * fHistMatchEtaPhiAllCl
!deta vs. dphi of all cluster-track pairs (cl loop)
TH2 * fHistNClusMatchCent
!n clusters macthed to some track (tracks allowed to match more than one cluster) ...
Double_t fConstantSubtractionValue
Value to be used for constant subtraction (only applicable if using constant subtraction in M02 schem...