AliPhysics  5eaf189 (5eaf189)
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1 #ifndef AliAodSkimTask_H
2 #define AliAodSkimTask_H
11 #include <AliAnalysisTaskSE.h>
12 class AliAODMCHeader;
13 class TH1F;
16 {
17  public:
19  AliAodSkimTask(const char *name);
20  virtual ~AliAodSkimTask();
22  void SetCutMC(Bool_t b) {fCutMC=b;}
23  void SetYCutMC(Double_t v) {fYCutMC=v;}
37  void SetCopyMC(Bool_t b) {fDoCopyMC=b;}
39  const char *Str() const;
40  protected:
42  void UserExec(Option_t* option);
44  void Terminate(Option_t* option);
45  Bool_t PythiaInfoFromFile(const char *currFile, Float_t &xsec, Float_t &trials, Int_t &pthard);
46  Double_t fClusMinE; // minimum cluster energy to accept event
47  Bool_t fCutMC; // if true cut MC particles with |Y|>fYCutMC
48  Double_t fYCutMC; // cut for MC particles (default = 0.7)
49  Bool_t fDoCopyHeader; // if true copy header
50  Bool_t fDoCopyVZERO; // if true copy VZERO
51  Bool_t fDoCopyTZERO; // if true copy TZERO
52  Bool_t fDoCopyVertices; // if true copy vertices
53  Bool_t fDoCopyTOF; // if true copy TOF
54  Bool_t fDoCopyTracks; // if true copy tracks
55  Bool_t fDoCopyTrigger; // if true copy trigger (EMC)
56  Bool_t fDoCopyPTrigger; // if true copy trigger (PHS)
57  Bool_t fDoCopyCells; // if true copy cells (EMC)
58  Bool_t fDoCopyPCells; // if true copy cells (PHS)
59  Bool_t fDoCopyClusters; // if true copy clusters
60  Bool_t fDoCopyDiMuons; // if true copy dimuons
61  Bool_t fDoCopyZDC; // if true copy zdc
62  Bool_t fDoCopyMC; // if true copy MC particles
63  Bool_t fDoCopyMCHeader; // if true copy MC header
69  AliAODMCHeader *fAODMcHeader;
71  TH1F *fHevs;
72  TH1F *fHclus;
73  const char *GetVersion() const { return "1.0"; }
75  AliAodSkimTask(const AliAodSkimTask&); // not implemented
76  AliAodSkimTask& operator=(const AliAodSkimTask&); // not implemented
77  ClassDef(AliAodSkimTask, 2); // AliAodSkimTask
78 };
79 #endif
Double_t fYCutMC
void SetClusMinE(Double_t v)
void SetCopyTOF(Bool_t b)
Bool_t fDoCopyTrigger
Int_t fPypthardbin
pythia trials
Bool_t fDoCopyPTrigger
double Double_t
Definition: External.C:58
void SetCopyZDC(Bool_t b)
void SetCopyClusters(Bool_t b)
TH1F * fHevs
output list
void SetCopyMC(Bool_t b)
void SetCopyVertices(Bool_t b)
Float_t fPyxsec
events seen since last acceptance
void Terminate(Option_t *option)
AliAODEvent * fAOD
pythia pthard bin
Float_t fPytrials
pythia xsection
void SetCopyHeader(Bool_t b)
Bool_t fDoCopyTracks
Bool_t fDoCopyHeader
Double_t fClusMinE
void SetCopyCells(Bool_t b)
int Int_t
Definition: External.C:63
const char * Str() const
unsigned int UInt_t
Definition: External.C:33
float Float_t
Definition: External.C:68
void UserExec(Option_t *option)
void SetCopyTrigger(Bool_t b)
virtual ~AliAodSkimTask()
const char * GetVersion() const
cluster distribution
Bool_t fDoCopyClusters
Use to skim AOD files.
void UserCreateOutputObjects()
TList * fOutputList
MC header.
Bool_t fDoCopyPCells
void SetCopyVZERO(Bool_t b)
TH1F * fHclus
events processed/accepted
Bool_t fDoCopyVertices
AliAODMCHeader * fAODMcHeader
input event
void SetCutMC(Bool_t b)
Bool_t PythiaInfoFromFile(const char *currFile, Float_t &xsec, Float_t &trials, Int_t &pthard)
void SetCopyMCHeader(Bool_t b)
Bool_t fDoCopyDiMuons
void SetCopyPCells(Bool_t b)
const char Option_t
Definition: External.C:48
AliAodSkimTask & operator=(const AliAodSkimTask &)
bool Bool_t
Definition: External.C:53
void SetYCutMC(Double_t v)
void SetCopyPTrigger(Bool_t b)
void SetCopyTZERO(Bool_t b)
void SetCopyDiMuons(Bool_t b)
void SetCopyTracks(Bool_t b)
Bool_t fDoCopyMCHeader