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AliEmcalContainerUtils Namespace Reference

Helper functions related to AliEmcalContainer derived objects. More...

Detailed Description

Helper functions related to AliEmcalContainer derived objects.

This namespace includes a variety of helper functions related to AliEmcalContainer derived objects, as well as configuring input objects.

Functions include:

  • Automatically determine the proper input object branch name based on the input object and file (AOD or ESD) types. This is determined by the "usedefault" pattern (see the code for precise implementation). It can also return the proper type input object to be stored in a collection such as a TClonesArray.
  • Centralizing the code to add and get containers from the collections of containers often stored in analysis tasks.

Usage of the add, and get containers code should be something like (for cluster containers):

AliClusterContainer * AddClusterContainer(const char * name) { AddContainer<AliClusterContainer>(name, fClusterCollArray); }
AliClusterContainer * GetClusterContainer(Int_t i) { GetContainer<AliClusterContainer>(i, fClusterCollArray); }
AliClusterContainer * GetClusterContainer(const char * name) { GetContainer<AliClusterContainer>(name, fClusterCollArray); }

The code is similar for other containers. See AliEmcalCorrectionTask for an example.

Raymond Ehlers, Yale University
Dec 6, 2016