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CheckQAFile.C File Reference

Script to check a QA file. More...

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void CheckQAFile (const char *filename, const char *type="")

Detailed Description

Script to check a QA file.

Christian Holm Christensen cholm.nosp@m.@mas.nosp@m.ter.h.nosp@m.ehi..nosp@m.nbi.d.nosp@m.k
Fri Jan 6 11:39:22 2012

Definition in file CheckQAFile.C.

Function Documentation

void CheckQAFile ( const char *  filename,
const char *  type = "" 

Script to check a QA file. Note that this terminates the ROOT session.

filenameFile to read
typeWhat type

Definition at line 18 of file CheckQAFile.C.