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qa Directory Reference
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file  CheckQAFile.C [code]
 Script to check a QA file.
file  Draw123.C [code]
 This scripts draws the energy loss distribution for single, double, and triple hits in the FMD as resolved by the sharing filter.
file  DrawBeforeAfter.C [code]
 Script to draw the before/after merging energy loss spectra.
file  DrawCuts.C [code]
 Draw the cuts used in the analysis.
file  DrawELossPoisson.C [code]
 A script to draw the Poisson vs Energy Loss correlation.
file  DrawMCResult.C [code]
 Script to draw steps (deprecated version - use DrawSteps.C)
file  DrawNeighbors.C [code]
 Draw corrlation of neighboring strips.
file  DrawOccupancy.C [code]
 A script to draw the occupancy as given by Poisson method.
file  DrawQA.C [code]
 Script to draw most QA stuff.
file  DrawRecAnaEloss.C [code]
 Draw energ-loss before/after merging and used in the density calculations.
file  DrawSteps.C [code]
file  PeriodQA.C [code]
 Script to run the QAPlotter over a tree with runs.
file  QABase.h [code]
 Base class for QA active classes.
file  QAPlotter.C [code]
 Class to plot QA trends.
file  QARing.h [code]
 Base class for QA rings.
file  QAStructs.h [code]
 Data structures used in QA trending tree.
file  QATrender.C [code]
 Class to make the QA trending tree.
file  RunFileQA.C [code]
 Script to run a run QA.
file  RunFinalQA.C [code]
file  RunQA.C [code]
 Script to run the QATrender over a single run.
file  RunQAOld.C [code]