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ScaleBypp.C File Reference

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void ScaleBypp (const TString &system, UShort_t sNN, UShort_t ppsNN, const TString &trigger, const TString &ppTrigger, Double_t etaShift=0, Bool_t rebinned=true, Bool_t empirical=true, Bool_t symmetrice=false, Bool_t write=false)
void ScaleBypp ()

Function Documentation

void ScaleBypp ( const TString system,
UShort_t  sNN,
UShort_t  ppsNN,
const TString trigger,
const TString ppTrigger,
Double_t  etaShift = 0,
Bool_t  rebinned = true,
Bool_t  empirical = true,
Bool_t  symmetrice = false,
Bool_t  write = false 

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void ScaleBypp ( )

Definition at line 28 of file ScaleBypp.C.