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RunQA.C File Reference

Script to run the QATrender over a single run. More...

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void RunQA (const char *input, const char *type, Int_t year, const char *period, const char *pass, Long_t runNo)

Detailed Description

Script to run the QATrender over a single run.

Script to run the QATrender and QAPlotter in one go.

Christian Holm Christensen
Thu Nov 17 11:35:08 2011

Definition in file RunQA.C.

Function Documentation

void RunQA ( const char *  input,
const char *  type,
Int_t  year,
const char *  period,
const char *  pass,
Long_t  runNo 

Run the QATrender

The QATrender is run over the list of files (runs) to produce the file trending.root which contains a TTree of QA information - one entry per run.

The QATrender will also produce two files per run:

  • index.root which contains TCanvas objects of the finished plots.
  • index.pdf which is a PDF of the TCanvases mentioned above.
inputInput file
typeData type (data or sim)
periodPeriod (e.g., LHC10h)
passPass (e.g., pass1, cpass1, passMC)
runNoRun number

Definition at line 38 of file RunQA.C.