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PeriodQA.C File Reference

Script to run the QAPlotter over a tree with runs. More...

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void PeriodQA (const char *input, const char *type, Int_t year, const char *period, const char *pass)

Detailed Description

Script to run the QAPlotter over a tree with runs.

Christian Holm Christensen
Thu Nov 17 11:35:08 2011

Definition in file PeriodQA.C.

Function Documentation

void PeriodQA ( const char *  input,
const char *  type,
Int_t  year,
const char *  period,
const char *  pass 

Run the QAPlotter

The QAPlotter is then run over the merged trending.root file and produces two files

  • index.root which contains TCanvas objects of the finished plots. It also contains the TMultiGraph objects painted in the canvases.
  • index.pdf which is a PDF of the TCanvases mentioned above.

The QAPlotter will also produce PNGs of each canvas.

inputInput file
typeData type (data or sim)
periodPeriod (e.g., LHC10h)
passPass (e.g., pass1, cpass1, passMC)

Definition at line 37 of file PeriodQA.C.