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DtglcpCommon Struct Reference

Public Attributes

Double_t rproj
Double_t rtarg
Double_t bimpac
Int_t nwtsam
Int_t nwasam
Int_t nwbsam
Int_t nwtacc
Int_t nwtaac
Int_t nwtbac
Int_t ncp
Int_t nct

Detailed Description

To get DPMJEt common block

Definition at line 76 of file FastSim.C.

Member Data Documentation

Double_t DtglcpCommon::bimpac

Definition at line 79 of file FastSim.C.

Int_t DtglcpCommon::ncp

Definition at line 86 of file FastSim.C.

Int_t DtglcpCommon::nct

Definition at line 87 of file FastSim.C.

Int_t DtglcpCommon::nwasam

Definition at line 81 of file FastSim.C.

Int_t DtglcpCommon::nwbsam

Definition at line 82 of file FastSim.C.

Int_t DtglcpCommon::nwtaac

Definition at line 84 of file FastSim.C.

Int_t DtglcpCommon::nwtacc

Definition at line 83 of file FastSim.C.

Referenced by FastSim::ProcessHeader().

Int_t DtglcpCommon::nwtbac

Definition at line 85 of file FastSim.C.

Int_t DtglcpCommon::nwtsam

Definition at line 80 of file FastSim.C.

Referenced by FastSim::ProcessHeader().

Double_t DtglcpCommon::rproj

Definition at line 77 of file FastSim.C.

Double_t DtglcpCommon::rtarg

Definition at line 78 of file FastSim.C.

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