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3 /* Copyright(c) 1998-2016, ALICE Experiment at CERN, All rights reserved. *
4  * See cxx source for full Copyright notice */
17 //
18 class TClonesArray;
19 class TString;
20 class TRandom3;
21 class TH2D;
24 public:
27  virtual void UserCreateOutputObjects();
28  virtual void Terminate(Option_t *) {}
30  // ###### Configuration setters
36  void SetPhiMin(Double_t val) {fMinPhi = val;}
37  void SetPhiMax(Double_t val) {fMaxPhi = val;}
38  void SetEtaMin(Double_t val) {fMinEta = val;}
39  void SetEtaMax(Double_t val) {fMaxEta = val;}
40  void SetPtMin(Double_t val) {fMinPt = val;}
41  void SetPtMax(Double_t val) {fMaxPt = val;}
42  void SetDistributionV2(TH2D* dist) {fDistributionV2 = dist;}
43  void SetDistributionV3(TH2D* dist) {fDistributionV3 = dist;}
44  void SetDistributionV4(TH2D* dist) {fDistributionV4 = dist;}
45  void SetDistributionV5(TH2D* dist) {fDistributionV5 = dist;}
46  void ActivateJetRemoval(const char* arrName, Double_t threshold, const char* rhoObj) {fJetRemovalArrayName = arrName; fJetRemovalPtThreshold = threshold; fJetRemovalRhoObj = rhoObj;}
47  void ActivateJetEmbedding(const char* arrName) {fJetEmbeddingArrayName = arrName;}
48  void ActivateLeadingJetRemoval(const char* arrName, Int_t nLeadingJets, const char* rhoObj) {fJetRemovalArrayName = arrName; fJetRemovalNLeadingJets = nLeadingJets; fJetRemovalRhoObj = rhoObj;}
51  void SetInputArrayName(const char* name) {fInputArrayName = name;}
52  void SetOutputArrayName(const char* name) {fOutputArrayName = name;}
54 protected:
55  Bool_t Run();
56  void ExecOnce();
58  void GetLeadingJets(AliEmcalJet*& jetLeading, AliEmcalJet*& jetSubLeading);
81  TClonesArray* fInputArray;
82  TClonesArray* fOutputArray;
86  TClonesArray* fJetRemovalArray;
91  TClonesArray* fJetEmbeddingArray;
99  TRandom3* fRandom;
103  void RandomizeTrack(AliAODTrack* particle);
104  AliAODTrack* GetAODTrack(AliPicoTrack* track);
108 };
110 #endif
Double_t fMaxPt
range for Pt for randomization
TH2D * fDistributionV4
Distribution for v3 in bins of pt and centrality.
Double_t fMinEta
range for phi for randomization
Bool_t fRandomizeInTheta
randomize the particle's position in pseudorap
double Double_t
Definition: External.C:58
Double_t fRandomPsi4
eventwise calculated psi 3
TRandom3 * fRandom
! random number generator
Int_t fJetRemovalNLeadingJets
threshold at which jets given in fInputJetArray will be removed
TClonesArray * fInputArray
Name of the destination TClonesArray.
TH2D * fDistributionV5
Distribution for v4 in bins of pt and centrality.
Base task in the EMCAL framework.
Bool_t fRandomizeInPt
randomize the particle's position in theta
Double_t fMinPhi
randomize the particle's position in Pt
void GetLeadingJets(AliEmcalJet *&jetLeading, AliEmcalJet *&jetSubLeading)
TClonesArray * fJetRemovalArray
Name of the TClonesArray containing jets for removal that will be loaded.
TString fOutputArrayName
Name of the TClonesArray that will be loaded.
TClonesArray * fOutputArray
! Destination TClonesArray
TString fJetRemovalArrayName
Name of array to rho object.
TString fJetEmbeddingArrayName
if this set via ActivateLeadingJetRemoval, the first n leading jets will be removed ...
int Int_t
Definition: External.C:63
void ActivateLeadingJetRemoval(const char *arrName, Int_t nLeadingJets, const char *rhoObj)
Definition: External.C:228
Double_t fRandomPsi5
eventwise calculated psi 4
Double_t fMinPt
range for eta for randomization
AliEmcalJet * fSubleadingJet
! subleading jet (calculated event-by-event)
TClonesArray * fJetEmbeddingArray
Name of the TClonesArray containing tracks for embedding.
TString fInputArrayName
Distribution for v5 in bins of pt and centrality.
Double_t fMaxPhi
range for phi for randomization
TH2D * fDistributionV2
range for Pt for randomization
Represent a jet reconstructed using the EMCal jet framework.
Definition: AliEmcalJet.h:44
const char Option_t
Definition: External.C:48
void ActivateJetRemoval(const char *arrName, Double_t threshold, const char *rhoObj)
void ExecOnce()
Perform steps needed to initialize the analysis.
Bool_t Run()
Run function. This is the core function of the analysis and contains the user code. Therefore users have to implement this function.
AliAODTrack * GetAODTrack(AliPicoTrack *track)
bool Bool_t
Definition: External.C:53
Double_t fMaxEta
range for eta for randomization
AliEmcalJet * fLeadingJet
eventwise calculated psi 5
Bool_t fRandomizeInEta
randomize the particle's position in azimuth
TH2D * fDistributionV3
Distribution for v2 in bins of pt and centrality.