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Calculation Member List

This is the complete list of members for Calculation, including all inherited members.

AddParticle(Particle *p)Calculationinline
Calc(Bool_t verb=true)Calculationinline
ChkC(TObject *o, TClass *c) const Calculationinline
Utilities::ChkC(TObject *o, TClass *c)Utilitiesinlinestatic
ChkO(TObject *src, TObject *o, const char *name) const Calculationinline
Utilities::ChkO(TObject *src, TObject *o, const char *name)Utilitiesinlinestatic
Create(Double_t w, Int_t bin, THStack *hp, THStack *hs, THStack *hc)Calculationinline
Create(Double_t w, EKind kind, TCollection *reduced, TCollection *reweighed, TCollection *asis, const TString &sub, const TString &oth, Bool_t abso)Calculationinline
DrawStack(TVirtualPad *mother, EColumn column, THStack *stack, Bool_t logy, Bool_t abso, Int_t mode)Calculationinline
EColumn enum nameCalculation
EKind enum nameCalculation
ERow enum nameCalculation
GetC(TDirectory *d, const char *name)Calculationinline
GetC(TCollection *d, const char *name)Calculationinline
GetH1(TCollection *d, const char *name)Calculationinline
GetH2(TCollection *d, const char *name)Calculationinline
GetHS(TCollection *d, const char *name)Calculationinline
GetO(TDirectory *d, const char *name, TClass *cls) const Calculationinline
GetO(TCollection *d, const char *name, TClass *cls) const Calculationinline
Utilities::GetO(TDirectory *d, const char *name, TClass *cls)Utilitiesinlinestatic
Utilities::GetO(TCollection *d, const char *name, TClass *cls)Utilitiesinlinestatic
kAsIs enum valueCalculation
kCb enum valueCalculation
kCs enum valueCalculation
kExpectation enum valueCalculation
kK0S enum valueCalculation
kKpm enum valueCalculation
kLambda enum valueCalculation
kOther enum valueCalculation
kPs enum valueCalculation
kReduced enum valueCalculation
kReweighed enum valueCalculation
kSigma enum valueCalculation
kSs enum valueCalculation
kXi enum valueCalculation
MakeStack(EColumn column, const char *name, const char *title, Int_t mode)Calculationinline
ParticleList typedefCalculation
ParticleList typedefCalculation
R(Int_t i, const char *w="", Bool_t verb=true) const Calculationinline
Run(const char *fileName, const char *binName, Bool_t mid=true)Calculationinline
Run(const char *fileName, Double_t c1=0, Double_t c2=0, Bool_t mid=true)Calculationinline
Run(Double_t c1=0, Double_t c2=0, Bool_t mid=true)Calculationinline