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AvailableSoftware Struct Reference

Static Public Member Functions

static const char * GetField (TObject *o)
static TListGetMap ()
static TObjectGetPackage (const TString &name, const TString &query)
static Bool_t GetVer (TObject *pack, const TString &name, TString &ret)
static Bool_t GetDep (TObject *pack, const TString &which, TString &ret)
static Bool_t Check (TString &aliphysics, TString &aliroot, TString &root)
static void Test (const TString &phy, const TString &ali=TString(), const TString &roo=TString())
static void Test ()

Detailed Description

Railway code to find available packages on Grid

Definition at line 33 of file AvailableSoftware.C.

Member Function Documentation

static Bool_t AvailableSoftware::Check ( TString aliphysics,
TString aliroot,
TString root 

Definition at line 237 of file AvailableSoftware.C.

Referenced by AAFRailway::PreSetup(), PluginRailway::PreSetup(), and Test().

static Bool_t AvailableSoftware::GetDep ( TObject pack,
const TString which,
TString ret 

Get the dependencies

whichWhich dependency
retReturn version of dependency
true on success

Definition at line 218 of file AvailableSoftware.C.

Referenced by Check().

static const char* AvailableSoftware::GetField ( TObject o)

Definition at line 35 of file AvailableSoftware.C.

Referenced by GetMap().

static TList* AvailableSoftware::GetMap ( )

Get the full map of packages to dependencies

the list

Definition at line 49 of file AvailableSoftware.C.

Referenced by GetPackage().

static TObject* AvailableSoftware::GetPackage ( const TString name,
const TString query 

Get a package

namePackage Name
queryQuery. Either a specific version or some combination of
  • last: the newest
  • regular: No special tags
  • release: Only release tags
  • analysis: Only analysis tags
Pointer to package or null

Definition at line 122 of file AvailableSoftware.C.

Referenced by Check().

static Bool_t AvailableSoftware::GetVer ( TObject pack,
const TString name,
TString ret 

Definition at line 197 of file AvailableSoftware.C.

Referenced by Check().

static void AvailableSoftware::Test ( const TString phy,
const TString ali = TString(),
const TString roo = TString() 

Definition at line 268 of file AvailableSoftware.C.

static void AvailableSoftware::Test ( )

Definition at line 287 of file AvailableSoftware.C.

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