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ConfigureEMCALRecoUtils.C File Reference

Configuration of AliEMCALRecoUtils. More...

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void ConfigureEMCALRecoUtils (AliEMCALRecoUtils *reco, Bool_t bMC=kFALSE, Bool_t bExotic=kTRUE, Bool_t bNonLin=kFALSE, Bool_t bRecalE=kTRUE, Bool_t bBad=kTRUE, Bool_t bRecalT=kTRUE)

Detailed Description

Configuration of AliEMCALRecoUtils.

Example of configuration of AliEMCALRecoUtils. Called in different analysis configuration macros. This class is used to calibrate/correct/accept EMCal clusters.

The input parameters:

recopointer to object to initialize in this macro.
bMCBool, indicates if data is MC.
bExoticBool, indicates if exotic clusters are removed.
bNonLinBool, indicates if non linearity correction is applied on clusters.
bRecalEBool, indicates if energy recalibration is applied.
bBadBool, indicates if bad channels/clusters are removed.
bRecalTBool, indicates if time is calibrated.
: Gustavo Conesa Balbastre, (LPSC-CNRS)

Definition in file ConfigureEMCALRecoUtils.C.

Function Documentation

void ConfigureEMCALRecoUtils ( AliEMCALRecoUtils *  reco,
Bool_t  bMC = kFALSE,
Bool_t  bExotic = kTRUE,
Bool_t  bNonLin = kFALSE,
Bool_t  bRecalE = kTRUE,
Bool_t  bBad = kTRUE,
Bool_t  bRecalT = kTRUE