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AliEmcalContainerUtils.h File Reference
#include <string>
#include <TObjArray.h>
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 Helper functions related to AliEmcalContainer derived objects.


enum  AliEmcalContainerUtils::InputObject_t { AliEmcalContainerUtils::kNoDefinedInputObject = -1, AliEmcalContainerUtils::kCaloCells = 0, AliEmcalContainerUtils::kCluster = 1, AliEmcalContainerUtils::kTrack = 2 }
 Type of input object to be created More...


std::string AliEmcalContainerUtils::DetermineUseDefaultName (InputObject_t objType, bool esdMode, bool returnObjectType=false)
AliVEvent * AliEmcalContainerUtils::GetEvent (AliVEvent *inputEvent, bool isEmbedding=false)
template<class T >
TAliEmcalContainerUtils::AddContainer (const char *n, TObjArray &collection)
template<class T >
TAliEmcalContainerUtils::GetContainer (Int_t i, const TObjArray &collection)
template<class T >
TAliEmcalContainerUtils::GetContainer (const char *name, const TObjArray &collection)