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Unfolder Member List

This is the complete list of members for Unfolder, including all inherited members.

AppendAnd(TString &trg, const TString &what)Unfolderinlinestatic
Bin2Stack(const THStack *bin, Int_t i, THStack *measured, THStack *truth, THStack *accepted, THStack *unfolded, THStack *corrected, TH1 *&result)Unfolderinline
BinAttributes(Int_t i, Int_t &open, Int_t &closed, Float_t &size, Double_t &factor)Unfolderinlinestatic
GetCollection(TCollection *c, const TString &name, Bool_t verbose=-true)Unfolderinlinestatic
GetH1(TCollection *c, const TString &name, Bool_t verbose=true)Unfolderinlinestatic
GetH2(TCollection *c, const TString &name, Bool_t verbose=true)Unfolderinlinestatic
GetObject(TCollection *c, const TString &name, TClass *cl, Bool_t verbose=true)Unfolderinlinestatic
GetOther(UShort_t type, Double_t eta, UShort_t sNN, Int_t factor)Unfolderinline
GetParameter(TCollection *c, const TString &name, UShort_t &v)Unfolderinlinestatic
GetParameter(TCollection *c, const TString &name, ULong_t &v)Unfolderinlinestatic
GetParameter(TCollection *c, const TString &name, Double_t &v)Unfolderinlinestatic
GetTop(const TString &fileName, Bool_t results=false)Unfolderinlinestatic
kColorAccepted enum valueUnfolder
kColorALICE enum valueUnfolder
kColorCMS enum valueUnfolder
kColorCorrected enum valueUnfolder
kColorError enum valueUnfolder
kColorMeasured enum valueUnfolder
kColorTrgVtx enum valueUnfolder
kColorTruth enum valueUnfolder
kColorUnfolded enum valueUnfolder
MethodId(TString &method)Unfolderinlinestatic
Other2Stack(const TString &name, Int_t i, UShort_t sNN, TMultiGraph *allALICE, TMultiGraph *allCMS, TGraph *&alice, TGraph *&cms)Unfolderinline
ProcessBin(TCollection *measured, TCollection *corrections, UInt_t method, Double_t regParam, TDirectory *out)Unfolderinline
ProcessType(TCollection *measured, TCollection *corrections, UInt_t method, Double_t regParam, TDirectory *out, UShort_t sys, UShort_t sNN)Unfolderinline
Ratio2Stack(Int_t ib, TH1 *res, TGraph *alice, TGraph *cms, THStack *all)Unfolderinline
Run(const TString &measuredFile, const TString &corrFile, const TString &method="Bayes", Double_t regParam=4)Unfolderinline
SaveInformation(TDirectory *dir, const TString &method, Int_t mId, Double_t regParam, UShort_t sys, UShort_t sNN, UInt_t trigger, Double_t minIpZ, Double_t maxIpZ, Bool_t self) const Unfolderinline
StackLegend(THStack *stack)Unfolderinline