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PWGJE::EMCALJetTasks::AliLundPlaneHelper Class Reference

Helper class for iterative declustering of a jet. More...

#include <AliLundPlaneHelper.h>

Inheritance diagram for PWGJE::EMCALJetTasks::AliLundPlaneHelper:

Public Member Functions

 AliLundPlaneHelper ()
 Constructor. More...
virtual ~AliLundPlaneHelper ()
 Destructor. More...
void SetHardCutoff (Double_t cutoff)
 Set hard cutof. More...
AliLundPlaneData Evaluate (const AliEmcalJet &jet, const AliParticleContainer *tracks, const AliClusterContainer *clusters=nullptr, Double_t *vertexpos=nullptr)
 Run iterative declustering of the jet. More...

Private Attributes

Double_t fHardCutoff
 Hard cutoff (abort condition for iterative declustering) More...

Detailed Description

Helper class for iterative declustering of a jet.

Markus Fasel, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Definition at line 253 of file AliLundPlaneHelper.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

AliLundPlaneHelper::AliLundPlaneHelper ( )


Definition at line 44 of file AliLundPlaneHelper.cxx.

virtual PWGJE::EMCALJetTasks::AliLundPlaneHelper::~AliLundPlaneHelper ( )


Definition at line 263 of file AliLundPlaneHelper.h.

Member Function Documentation

AliLundPlaneData AliLundPlaneHelper::Evaluate ( const AliEmcalJet jet,
const AliParticleContainer tracks,
const AliClusterContainer clusters = nullptr,
Double_t vertexpos = nullptr 

Run iterative declustering of the jet.

Reclusters jet with the Cambridge/Aachen algorithm and traverses the cluster tree. For each splitting the lund plane parameters defined in AliLundPlaneParamters are evaluated and added to the splitting container. The declustering is done always on the harder subjet until the abort condition (no more child subjets or subjet > hard cutoff) is fulfilled. Needs track/particle/cluster containers in order to have acces to the jet constituents.

jetJet to be tested
tracksContainer with tracks / particles (optional only in case of neutral jets)
clustersContainer with calorimeter clusters (optional, for det. level full jets)
vertexposPosition of the primary vertex (optional, mandatory in case a cluster container is set)
Container with lund plane parameters for each splitting

Definition at line 51 of file AliLundPlaneHelper.cxx.

Referenced by PWGJE::EMCALJetTasks::AliAnalysisTaskEmcalJetIterativeDeclustering::Run().

void PWGJE::EMCALJetTasks::AliLundPlaneHelper::SetHardCutoff ( Double_t  cutoff)

Set hard cutof.


Definition at line 270 of file AliLundPlaneHelper.h.

Referenced by PWGJE::EMCALJetTasks::AliAnalysisTaskEmcalJetIterativeDeclustering::UserCreateOutputObjects().

Member Data Documentation

Double_t PWGJE::EMCALJetTasks::AliLundPlaneHelper::fHardCutoff

Hard cutoff (abort condition for iterative declustering)

Definition at line 291 of file AliLundPlaneHelper.h.

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