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Helpers for configure the PWGJE trains.Set of helper functions to aid in configuration of PWGJE trains. More...

#include <AliPWGJETrainHelpers.h>

Static Public Member Functions

static std::vector< std::string > ExtractAliEnProductionValuesForLEGOTrain ()

Detailed Description

Helpers for configure the PWGJE trains.

Set of helper functions to aid in configuration of PWGJE trains.

Raymond Ehlers, Yale University
Nov 09, 2018

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Member Function Documentation

std::vector< std::string > AliPWGJETrainHelpers::ExtractAliEnProductionValuesForLEGOTrain ( )

Automatically extract AliEn production parameters from environment variables for use with the LEGO train. These parameters will be used to configure the shared global variables on each train.

Usage should look like:

// Determine the variables.
std::vector<std::string> tempVariables = AliPWGJETrainHelpers::ExtractAliEnProductionValuesForLEGOTrain();
// Assign them to their final global variables.
const char* kPeriod =;
const char* kColType =;
const bool kMC = ( == "true" ? true : false);
const bool kIsRun2 = ( == "true" ? true : false);

Note that we cannot return the values by taking them by reference in the arguments because that would involve reassigning global variables, which is not allowed.

The returned parameters correspond to:

  • period (std::string): The run period. For example, "LHC15o".
  • collType (std::string): The collision type. Can be "pp", "pPb", "PbPb", etc.
  • mc (bool): True if this is an MC production.
  • isRun2 (bool): True if the run period is in Run 2.
    std::vector<std::string> containing {run period, collision type, mc, isRun2}.

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