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AliAnalysisTaskEmcalEmbeddingHelperData Class Reference

#include <AliAnalysisTaskEmcalEmbeddingHelperData.h>

Inheritance diagram for AliAnalysisTaskEmcalEmbeddingHelperData:

Public Member Functions

 AliAnalysisTaskEmcalEmbeddingHelperData ()
 AliAnalysisTaskEmcalEmbeddingHelperData (const char *name)
virtual ~AliAnalysisTaskEmcalEmbeddingHelperData ()
void ExecOnce ()
void UserCreateOutputObjects ()
void SetEmbeddedTrackContainer (AliTrackContainer *cont)
AliTrackContainerGetEmbeddedTrackContainer ()
void AddPtSelection (Double_t min, Double_t max)
- Public Member Functions inherited from AliAnalysisTaskEmcalEmbeddingHelper
 AliAnalysisTaskEmcalEmbeddingHelper ()
 AliAnalysisTaskEmcalEmbeddingHelper (const char *name)
virtual ~AliAnalysisTaskEmcalEmbeddingHelper ()
AliVEvent * GetExternalEvent () const
 Retrieve the embedded event from the embedding helper. More...
void UserExec (Option_t *option)
void UserCreateOutputObjects ()
void Terminate (Option_t *option)
bool Initialize (bool removeDummyTask=false)
Int_t GetPtHardBin () const
Int_t GetNPtHardBins () const
TString GetTreeName () const
Bool_t GetRandomEventNumberAccess () const
Bool_t GetRandomFileAccess () const
TString GetFilePattern () const
TString GetInputFilename () const
Int_t GetStartingFileIndex () const
TString GetFileListFilename () const
bool GetCreateHistos () const
void SetPtHardBin (Int_t n)
 Set the pt hard bin which will be added into the file pattern. Can also be omitted and set directly in the pattern. More...
void SetNPtHardBins (Int_t n)
 Set the number of pt hard bins in the production to properly format the histograms. More...
void SetESD (const char *treeName="esdTree")
 Set to embed from ESD. More...
void SetAOD (const char *treeName="aodTree")
 Set to embed from AOD. More...
void SetPrintTimingInfoToLog (bool b)
 Set whether to print and plot execution time of InitTree() More...
void SetRandomEventNumberAccess (Bool_t b)
void SetRandomFileAccess (Bool_t b)
 Randomly select the first file to embed from the file list. Continues sequentially afterwards. More...
void SetFilePattern (const char *pattern)
 Sets the file pattern to select AliEn files. This pattern is used as input to the alien_find command. More...
void SetInputFilename (const char *filename)
void SetStartingFileIndex (Int_t n)
 Select the file ID to start embedding from. More...
void SetFileListFilename (const char *filename)
 Set the path to a file containing the list of files to embed. More...
void SetCreateHistos (bool b)
 Create QA histograms. These are necessary for proper scaling, so be careful disabling them! More...
void SetConfigurationPath (const char *path)
 Set path to YAML configuration file. More...
bool GetUseInternalEventSelection () const
 Whether internal event selection is enabled. More...
void SetUseInternalEventSelection (bool b=true)
 Enable internal event selection. Can also be enabled through the YAML configuration. More...
bool EmbeddedEventUsed () const
bool GetUseManualInternalEventSelection () const
 Whether to use manual cuts for AliEventCuts. More...
void SetUseManualInternalEventCuts (bool b=true)
const AliEventCuts * GetInternalEventCuts () const
 Event cuts object for accessing centrality, etc from another task if so inclined. More...
AliEventCuts * GetInternalEventCuts ()
void SetCentralityRange (double min, double max)
 Set internal event centrality selection. More...
void SetRandomRejectionFactor (Double_t configure=1.)
UInt_t GetTriggerMask () const
bool GetMCRejectOutliers () const
Double_t GetPtHardJetPtRejectionFactor () const
Double_t GetZVertexCut () const
Double_t GetMaxVertexDistance () const
void SetTriggerMask (UInt_t triggerMask)
void SetMCRejectOutliers (bool reject=true)
void SetPtHardJetPtRejectionFactor (double factor)
void SetZVertexCut (Double_t zVertex)
void SetMaxVertexDistance (Double_t distance)
AliVHeader * GetEventHeader () const
AliGenPythiaEventHeader * GetPythiaHeader () const
double GetPythiaXSection () const
int GetPythiaTrials () const
double GetPythiaPtHard () const
bool GetAutoConfigurePtHardBins () const
std::string GetAutoConfigureBasePath () const
std::string GetAutoConfigureTrainTypePath () const
std::string GetAutoConfigureIdentifier () const
void SetAutoConfigurePtHardBins (bool configure=true)
void SetAutoConfigureBasePath (std::string path)
void SetAutoConfigureTrainTypePath (std::string path)
void SetAutoConfigureIdentifier (std::string path)
AliVEvent * InputEvent () const
 SHOULD NOT BE USED! Use GetExternalEvent()! SHOULD NOT BE USED! Use GetExternalEvent()! Returns the external event by overloading InputEvent() defined in AliAnalysisTaskSE. This is used by AliEmcalCorrectionEventManager, but it should not be used by the user! Instead, use GetExternalEvent(). More...
void Print (Option_t *opt="") const
std::ostream & Print (std::ostream &in) const
std::string toString (bool includeFileList=false) const

Static Public Member Functions

static AliAnalysisTaskEmcalEmbeddingHelperDataAddTaskEmcalEmbeddingHelperData ()
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from AliAnalysisTaskEmcalEmbeddingHelper
static const AliAnalysisTaskEmcalEmbeddingHelperGetInstance ()
static AliAnalysisTaskEmcalEmbeddingHelperAddTaskEmcalEmbeddingHelper ()
static AliAnalysisTaskEmcalEmbeddingHelperConfigureEmcalEmbeddingHelperOnLEGOTrain ()

Protected Member Functions

void RetrieveTaskPropertiesFromYAMLConfig ()
Bool_t CheckIsEmbeddedEventSelected ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from AliAnalysisTaskEmcalEmbeddingHelper
bool GetFilenames ()
void DeterminePythiaXSecFilename ()
bool IsRunInRunlist (const std::string &path) const
bool InitializeYamlConfig ()
bool AutoConfigurePtHardBins ()
std::string GenerateUniqueFileListFilename () const
std::string RemoveTrailingSlashes (std::string filename) const
void DetermineFirstFileToEmbed ()
void SetupEmbedding ()
Bool_t SetupInputFiles ()
std::string ConstructFullPythiaXSecFilename (std::string inputFilename, const std::string &pythiaFilename, bool testIfExists) const
Bool_t GetNextEntry ()
void SetEmbeddedEventProperties ()
void RecordEmbeddedEventProperties ()
Bool_t IsEventSelected ()
Bool_t InitEvent ()
void InitTree ()
bool PythiaInfoFromCrossSectionFile (std::string filename)
void ValidatePhysicsSelectionForInternalEventSelection ()
bool IsFileAccessible () const
void ConnectToAliEn () const
void RemoveDummyTask () const

Protected Attributes

std::vector< std::pair< Double_t, Double_t > > fPtSelection
 min and max pT stored as a vector of pairs More...
 track container for pT selection More...
- Protected Attributes inherited from AliAnalysisTaskEmcalEmbeddingHelper
UInt_t fTriggerMask
 Trigger selection mask. More...
bool fMCRejectOutliers
 If true, MC outliers will be rejected. More...
Double_t fPtHardJetPtRejectionFactor
 Factor which the pt hard bin is multiplied by to compare against pythia header jets pt. More...
Double_t fZVertexCut
 Z vertex cut on embedded event. More...
Double_t fMaxVertexDist
 Max distance between Z vertex of internal and embedded event. More...
bool fInitializedConfiguration
 Notes if the configuration has been initialized. More...
bool fInitializedNewFile
 ! Notes where the entry indices have been initialized for a new tree in the chain More...
bool fInitializedEmbedding
 ! Notes where the TChain has been initialized for embedding More...
bool fWrappedAroundTree
 ! Notes whether we have wrapped around the tree, which is important if the offset into the tree is non-zero More...
TString fTreeName
 Name of the ESD/AOD tree where the events are to be found. More...
Int_t fNPtHardBins
 Total number of pt hard bins. More...
Int_t fPtHardBin
 ptHard bin for the given pythia production More...
Bool_t fRandomEventNumberAccess
 If true, it will start embedding from a random entry in the file rather than from the first. More...
Bool_t fRandomFileAccess
 If true, it will start embedding from a random file in the input files list. More...
bool fCreateHisto
 If true, create QA histograms. More...
PWG::Tools::AliYAMLConfiguration fYAMLConfig
 Hanldes configuration from YAML. More...
bool fUseInternalEventSelection
 If true, apply internal event selection though AliEventCuts. More...
bool fUseManualInternalEventCuts
 If true, manual event cuts mode will be used for AliEventCuts. More...
AliEventCuts fInternalEventCuts
 If enabled, Handles internal event selection. More...
bool fEmbeddedEventUsed
 ! If true, the internal event was selected, so the embedded event is used. Defaults to true so other tasks are not disrupted if internal event selection is disabled. More...
bool fValidatedPhysicsSelection
 Validate that the physics selection is set appropriately. More...
UInt_t fInternalEventTriggerMask
 Internal event physics selection (trigger mask) to be used with AliEventCuts. More...
double fCentMin
 Minimum centrality for internal event selection. More...
double fCentMax
 Maximum centrality for internal event selection. More...
Double_t fRandomRejectionFactor
 factor by which to reject events More...
TRandom3 fRandom
 for random rejection of events More...
bool fAutoConfigurePtHardBins
 If true, attempt to auto configure pt hard bins. Only works on the LEGO train. More...
std::string fAutoConfigureBasePath
 The base path to the auto configuration (for example, "/alice/") More...
std::string fAutoConfigureTrainTypePath
 The path associated with the train type (for example, "PWGJE/Jets_EMC_PbPb/") More...
std::string fAutoConfigureIdentifier
 How the auto configuration YAML file should be identified. (for example, "rehlersTrain") More...
TString fFilePattern
 File pattern to select AliEn files using alien_find. More...
TString fInputFilename
 Filename of input root files. More...
TString fFileListFilename
 Name of the file list containing paths to files to embed. More...
Int_t fFilenameIndex
 Index of vector containing paths to files to embed. More...
std::vector< std::string > fFilenames
 Paths to the files to embed. More...
std::string fConfigurationPath
 Path to YAML configuration. More...
std::vector< std::string > fEmbeddedRunlist
 Good runlist for files to embed. More...
std::string fPythiaXSecFilename
 Name of the pythia x sec filename (either "pyxsec.root" or "pyxsec_hists.root") More...
std::vector< std::string > fPythiaCrossSectionFilenames
 Paths to the pythia xsection files. More...
TFile * fExternalFile
 ! External file used for embedding More...
 ! External TChain (tree) containing the events available for embedding More...
Int_t fCurrentEntry
 ! Current entry in the current tree More...
Int_t fLowerEntry
 ! First entry of the current tree to be used for embedding More...
Int_t fUpperEntry
 ! Last entry of the current tree to be used for embedding More...
Int_t fOffset
 ! Offset from fLowerEntry where the loop over the tree should start More...
UInt_t fMaxNumberOfFiles
 ! Max number of files that are in the TChain More...
UInt_t fFileNumber
 ! File number corresponding to the current tree More...
THistManager fHistManager
 Manages access to all histograms. More...
 ! List which owns the output histograms to be saved More...
AliVEvent * fExternalEvent
 ! Current external event available for embedding More...
AliVHeader * fExternalHeader
 ! Header of the current external event More...
AliGenPythiaEventHeader * fPythiaHeader
 ! Pythia header of the current external event More...
int fPythiaTrials
 ! Number of pythia trials for the current event (extracted from the pythia header). More...
int fPythiaTrialsFromFile
 ! Average number of trials extracted from a xsec file. More...
double fPythiaCrossSection
 ! Pythia cross section for the current event (extracted from the pythia header). More...
double fPythiaCrossSectionFromFile
 ! Average pythia cross section extracted from a xsec file. More...
double fPythiaPtHard
 ! Pt hard of the current event (extracted from the pythia header). More...
bool fPrintTimingInfoToLog
 Flag to print time to execute InitTree(), for logging purposes. More...
TStopwatch fTimer
 ! Timer for the InitTree() function More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Protected Attributes inherited from AliAnalysisTaskEmcalEmbeddingHelper
static AliAnalysisTaskEmcalEmbeddingHelperfgInstance = nullptr
 ! Global instance of this class More...

Detailed Description

Definition at line 19 of file AliAnalysisTaskEmcalEmbeddingHelperData.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

AliAnalysisTaskEmcalEmbeddingHelperData::AliAnalysisTaskEmcalEmbeddingHelperData ( )
AliAnalysisTaskEmcalEmbeddingHelperData::AliAnalysisTaskEmcalEmbeddingHelperData ( const char *  name)

Definition at line 29 of file AliAnalysisTaskEmcalEmbeddingHelperData.cxx.

AliAnalysisTaskEmcalEmbeddingHelperData::~AliAnalysisTaskEmcalEmbeddingHelperData ( )

Definition at line 36 of file AliAnalysisTaskEmcalEmbeddingHelperData.cxx.

Member Function Documentation

void AliAnalysisTaskEmcalEmbeddingHelperData::AddPtSelection ( Double_t  min,
Double_t  max 

Definition at line 32 of file AliAnalysisTaskEmcalEmbeddingHelperData.h.

AliAnalysisTaskEmcalEmbeddingHelperData * AliAnalysisTaskEmcalEmbeddingHelperData::AddTaskEmcalEmbeddingHelperData ( )

The main implementation of the AddTask. Same structure as AddTaskEmbeddingHelper

Definition at line 144 of file AliAnalysisTaskEmcalEmbeddingHelperData.cxx.

Referenced by AddPtSelection().

Bool_t AliAnalysisTaskEmcalEmbeddingHelperData::CheckIsEmbeddedEventSelected ( )

Override inherited function and add check on track with max pT. Rejects event if track within set pT range is not found

Reimplemented from AliAnalysisTaskEmcalEmbeddingHelper.

Definition at line 75 of file AliAnalysisTaskEmcalEmbeddingHelperData.cxx.

Referenced by AddPtSelection().

void AliAnalysisTaskEmcalEmbeddingHelperData::ExecOnce ( )

Definition at line 40 of file AliAnalysisTaskEmcalEmbeddingHelperData.cxx.

AliTrackContainer* AliAnalysisTaskEmcalEmbeddingHelperData::GetEmbeddedTrackContainer ( )

Definition at line 30 of file AliAnalysisTaskEmcalEmbeddingHelperData.h.

void AliAnalysisTaskEmcalEmbeddingHelperData::RetrieveTaskPropertiesFromYAMLConfig ( )

Retrieve embedding helper properties from a YAML configuration file.

Unlike the yaml configuration used in the correction task, there is no "default" yaml configuration file - nothing is required to exist in the yaml file

Reimplemented from AliAnalysisTaskEmcalEmbeddingHelper.

Definition at line 110 of file AliAnalysisTaskEmcalEmbeddingHelperData.cxx.

Referenced by AddPtSelection().

void AliAnalysisTaskEmcalEmbeddingHelperData::SetEmbeddedTrackContainer ( AliTrackContainer cont)
void AliAnalysisTaskEmcalEmbeddingHelperData::UserCreateOutputObjects ( )

Definition at line 46 of file AliAnalysisTaskEmcalEmbeddingHelperData.cxx.

Member Data Documentation

std::vector<std::pair<Double_t,Double_t> > AliAnalysisTaskEmcalEmbeddingHelperData::fPtSelection

min and max pT stored as a vector of pairs

Definition at line 41 of file AliAnalysisTaskEmcalEmbeddingHelperData.h.

Referenced by AddPtSelection(), CheckIsEmbeddedEventSelected(), and RetrieveTaskPropertiesFromYAMLConfig().

AliTrackContainer* AliAnalysisTaskEmcalEmbeddingHelperData::fTrackContainer

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