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3 /* Copyright(c) 1998-2010, ALICE Experiment at CERN, All rights reserved. *
4  * See cxx source for full Copyright notice */
6 //***********************************************************
11 //***********************************************************
13 /* $Id$ */
15 #include "AliRDHFCuts.h"
18 {
19  public:
24  };
26  AliRDHFCutsKFP(const char* name="CutsXicZerotoXiPi");
27  virtual ~AliRDHFCutsKFP();
28  AliRDHFCutsKFP(const AliRDHFCutsKFP& source);
29  AliRDHFCutsKFP& operator=(const AliRDHFCutsKFP& source);
32  virtual void GetCutVarsForOpt(AliAODRecoDecayHF *d,Float_t *vars,Int_t nvars,Int_t *pdgdaughters);
35  virtual Int_t IsSelected(TObject* obj,Int_t selectionLevel);
39  Double_t GetPionProbabilityTPCTOF(AliAODTrack *trk);
41  void SetPIDStrategy(EPIDStrategy pidStrategy){fPIDStrategy=pidStrategy;}
46  void SetPidPiFromXic0(AliAODPidHF* pidPion) {
48  fPidObjPiFromXic0 = new AliAODPidHF(*pidPion);
49  }
51  void SetPidPiFromXi(AliAODPidHF* pidPion) {
53  fPidObjPiFromXi=new AliAODPidHF(*pidPion);
54  }
56  void SetPidKaFromOmega(AliAODPidHF* pidKaon) {
58  fPidObjKaFromOmega=new AliAODPidHF(*pidKaon);
59  }
61  void SetPidPiFromV0(AliAODPidHF* pidPion) {
63  fPidObjPiFromV0=new AliAODPidHF(*pidPion);
64  }
66  void SetPidPrFromV0(AliAODPidHF* pidProton) {
68  fPidObjPrFromV0=new AliAODPidHF(*pidProton);
69  }
77  Bool_t SingleTrkCuts(AliAODTrack *trk);
78  Bool_t SingleCascadeCuts(AliAODcascade *casc, Double_t *vert, Bool_t anaOmegacZero);
79  Bool_t SingleV0LambdaTotCuts(AliAODv0 *v0);
80  Bool_t SingleCascCuts(AliAODcascade *casc);
81  Bool_t LambdaPIDCuts(AliAODv0 *v0);
82  Bool_t AntiLambdaPIDCuts(AliAODv0 *v0);
83  Bool_t SinglePionPoolCuts(AliAODTrack *trk);
86  Bool_t SingleCascadeCutsRef(AliAODcascade *casc, Double_t *vert, Bool_t anaOmegaZero);
87  Bool_t SelectWithRoughCuts(AliAODcascade *casc, AliAODTrack *trk1);
165  void useSetNPtBins(Int_t nptBins){SetNPtBins(nptBins);}
166  protected:
168  private:
202  Double_t fProdV0CosineOfPoiningAngleXiMin; // /Min V0 cos pointing angle to Xi vertex
220  ClassDef(AliRDHFCutsKFP, 2);
222 };
224 #endif
void SetProdMassTolXi(Double_t a)
Double_t GetKFPLam_Chi2geoMax()
void SetNPtBins(Int_t nptBins)
Definition: AliRDHFCuts.h:444
Double_t fProdRfidMinXi
Max Decay vertex of V0.
Double_t GetPtMinXic0()
virtual void GetCutVarsForOpt(AliAODRecoDecayHF *d, Float_t *vars, Int_t nvars, Int_t *pdgdaughters)=0
Double_t GetProdRfidMinV0()
Double_t GetProdDcaV0DaughtersMax()
Double_t GetCombinedPIDThreshold()
double Double_t
Definition: External.C:58
Double_t fProdChi2TPCV0PiMax
Max. chi2 of TPC clusters for v0-proton.
void SetKFPXi_Chi2topoMax(Double_t a)
Double_t GetPtMinPiFromXic0()
Double_t fProdV0CosineOfPoiningAngleXiMin
Min Xi cos pointing angle to PV.
Double_t GetProdDcaXiDaughtersMax()
void SetProdMassTolOmega(Double_t a)
Double_t GetProdRfidMinXi()
void SetProdRfidMinXi(Double_t a)
Double_t GetPtMinPiFromXi()
AliAODPidHF * GetPidPiFromV0() const
Double_t GetProdDcaV0PiToPrimVertexMin()
Bool_t SelectWithRoughCuts(AliAODcascade *casc, AliAODTrack *trk1)
Bool_t SinglePionPoolCuts(AliAODTrack *trk)
void SetProdCascProperDecayLengthMax(Double_t a)
Double_t fProdMassTolXic0
Tolerance of Xi mass from PDG value.
Double_t fKFPLam_lDeltalMin
chi2/ndf cut of lambda reconstruction from KFParticle
void SetPidKaFromOmega(AliAODPidHF *pidKaon)
Bool_t SingleCascCuts(AliAODcascade *casc)
Double_t GetKFPLam_lDeltalMin()
Double_t fProdMassTolOmega
Tolerance of Xic0 mass from PDG value.
Double_t GetProdDcaBachToPrimVertexMin()
Double_t GetProdRoughMassTol()
void SetKFPXi_lDeltalMin(Double_t a)
void SetProdDcaV0DaughtersMax(Double_t a)
void SetUseXic0PID(Bool_t a)
Bool_t LambdaPIDCuts(AliAODv0 *v0)
Double_t fProdCascProperDecayLengthMax
Max Decay vertex of Xi.
Double_t fProdMassTolLambda
Use AODfilterBit or not.
void SetProdRfidMinV0(Double_t a)
Bool_t fProdUseAODFilterBit
Bachelor Eta range.
Double_t fProdRoughMassTol
Maximum DCA of pions.
void SetProdMassTolLambda(Double_t a)
void SetCombinedPIDThreshold(Double_t a)
Double_t GetKFPXi_Chi2geoMax()
void SetKFPXic0_Chi2geoMax(Double_t a)
Double_t fProdXiCosineOfPoiningAngleMin
Min Dca between v0-pion and PV.
void SetProdMassRejOmega(Double_t a)
void SetProdRoughMassTol(Double_t a)
void SetProdUseAODFilterBit(Bool_t a)
Double_t fProdDcaV0DaughtersMax
Max Dca between Xi daughters.
void SetPtMinXic0(Double_t a)
virtual Int_t IsSelected(TObject *obj, Int_t selectionLevel)
AliAODPidHF * GetPidPrFromV0() const
Double_t GetKFPXi_lDeltalMin()
Double_t GetProdMassTolXic0()
Double_t GetProdRoughPtMin()
AliAODPidHF * fPidObjPrFromV0
PID object for cascade-kaon.
void SetProdMassTolK0S(Double_t a)
Double_t fProdMassRejOmega
Tolerance of Omega mass from PDG value.
Double_t fProdRoughPtMin
Tolerance of Xic mass from PDG value.
virtual Int_t IsSelectedPID(AliAODRecoDecayHF *)
Definition: AliRDHFCuts.h:321
Double_t fProdDcaV0ToPrimVertexMin
Min Dca between Bachelor and PV.
Double_t fPtMinPiFromXi
Minimum Bachelor pT of pion from Xic0 decay.
Double_t GetKFPLam_Chi2topoMax()
void SetProdDcaXiDaughtersMax(Double_t a)
Double_t GetProdChi2TPCV0PrMax()
Double_t GetProdCascNTPCClustersMin()
Double_t fCombinedPIDThreshold
PID Strategy.
Double_t fKFPLam_Chi2geoMax
Minimum pT of Xic.
Bool_t GetProdUseAODFilterBit()
Bool_t SingleCascadeCuts(AliAODcascade *casc, Double_t *vert, Bool_t anaOmegacZero)
Double_t fKFPXi_Chi2geoMax
l/Deltal cut of lambda reconstruction from KFParticle
Bool_t fUseXic0PID
PID threshold used in IsSelectedCombinedPID.
AliAODPidHF * GetPidPiFromXic0() const
int Int_t
Definition: External.C:63
Double_t fPtMinXic0
PID object for V0-pion.
Bool_t AntiLambdaPIDCuts(AliAODv0 *v0)
Double_t GetProdDcaV0ToPrimVertexMin()
EPIDStrategy fPIDStrategy
Double_t GetProdMassTolOmega()
void SetPidPiFromXic0(AliAODPidHF *pidPion)
Double_t GetKFPXic0_Chi2geoMax()
float Float_t
Definition: External.C:68
Double_t fKFPLam_Chi2topoMax
chi2/ndf cut of lambda reconstruction from KFParticle
Bool_t SingleTrkCuts(AliAODTrack *trk)
void SetProdDcaBachToPrimVertexMin(Double_t a)
void SetProdRoughPtMin(Double_t a)
Double_t GetKFPXi_Chi2topoMax()
void SetProdRfidMaxXi(Double_t a)
void SetPtMinPiFromXi(Double_t a)
Double_t GetProdRfidMaxV0()
Bool_t PassedTrackQualityCuts_PrimaryPion(AliAODTrack *trk)
Double_t GetProdCascProperDecayLengthMax()
Double_t fProdDcaV0PiToPrimVertexMin
Min Dca between v0-proton and PV.
void SetKFPLam_lDeltalMin(Double_t a)
Double_t fKFPXi_lDeltalMin
chi2/ndf cut of Xi- reconstruction from KFParticle
EPIDStrategy GetPIDStrategy() const
void SetPidPrFromV0(AliAODPidHF *pidProton)
Double_t GetProdLikeSignDcaMax()
virtual ~AliRDHFCutsKFP()
void SetPidPiFromV0(AliAODPidHF *pidPion)
Double_t GetProdMassRejOmega()
Double_t GetProdRfidMaxXi()
Double_t fProdRfidMinV0
Rejection range of Omega mass from PDG value.
Double_t fProdTrackEtaRange
Minimum Bachelor pT of pion from Xi decay.
Double_t GetProdChi2TPCV0PiMax()
Double_t GetProdTrackEtaRange()
AliAODPidHF * fPidObjPiFromXic0
Use PID or not.
Double_t GetPionProbabilityTPCTOF(AliAODTrack *trk)
Double_t GetProdDcaV0PrToPrimVertexMin()
void SetProdTrackEtaRange(Double_t a)
AliAODPidHF * fPidObjPiFromXi
PID object for Xic0-pion.
Int_t IsSelectedCombinedPID(AliAODRecoDecayHF *obj)
AliAODPidHF * GetPidKaFromOmega() const
void useSetNPtBins(Int_t nptBins)
Double_t fKFPXic0_Chi2geoMax
l/Deltal cut of lambda reconstruction from KFParticle
Double_t GetProdV0CosineOfPoiningAngleXiMin()
Double_t fPtMinPiFromXic0
Minimum pT of Xic0.
Double_t fProdDcaXiDaughtersMax
mL/p of cascade
void SetProdDcaV0PiToPrimVertexMin(Double_t a)
Bool_t SingleV0LambdaTotCuts(AliAODv0 *v0)
Double_t fProdRfidMaxXi
Minimum Decay vertex of Xi.
AliRDHFCutsKFP(const char *name="CutsXicZerotoXiPi")
void SetPidPiFromXi(AliAODPidHF *pidPion)
void SetProdDcaV0ToPrimVertexMin(Double_t a)
Double_t GetProdMassTolK0S()
Double_t fKFPXi_Chi2topoMax
chi2/ndf cut of Xi- reconstruction from KFParticle
void SetKFPXi_Chi2geoMax(Double_t a)
void SetProdChi2TPCV0PiMax(Double_t a)
AliAODPidHF * GetPidPiFromXi() const
Double_t fProdDcaV0PrToPrimVertexMin
Min Dca between v0 and PV.
Double_t fProdDcaBachToPrimVertexMin
Max Dca between V0 daughters.
Bool_t IsSelected(TObject *obj)
Definition: AliRDHFCuts.h:312
AliAODPidHF * fPidObjKaFromOmega
PID object for cascade-pion.
void SetPIDStrategy(EPIDStrategy pidStrategy)
Double_t GetProdXiCosineOfPoiningAngleMin()
void SetProdLikeSignDcaMax(Double_t a)
Double_t fProdMassTolK0S
Tolerance of Lambda mass from PDG value.
void SetPtMinPiFromXic0(Double_t a)
void SetProdXiCosineOfPoiningAngleMin(Double_t a)
void SetProdRfidMaxV0(Double_t a)
bool Bool_t
Definition: External.C:53
void SetProdCascNTPCClustersMin(Double_t a)
Bool_t SingleCascadeCutsRef(AliAODcascade *casc, Double_t *vert, Bool_t anaOmegaZero)
void SetProdChi2TPCV0PrMax(Double_t a)
virtual void GetCutVarsForOpt(AliAODRecoDecayHF *d, Float_t *vars, Int_t nvars, Int_t *pdgdaughters)
Double_t GetProdMassTolLambda()
Double_t fProdChi2TPCV0PrMax
Minimum number of TPC clusters.
Double_t fProdCascNTPCClustersMin
void SetProdMassTolXic0(Double_t a)
void SetKFPLam_Chi2geoMax(Double_t a)
Double_t fProdRfidMaxV0
Minimum Decay vertex of V0.
Double_t fProdLikeSignDcaMax
Max. chi2 of TPC clusters for v0-pion.
Double_t fProdMassTolXi
Tolerance of K0S mass from PDG value.
virtual Int_t IsSelectedPID(AliAODRecoDecayHF *obj)
void SetProdDcaV0PrToPrimVertexMin(Double_t a)
AliRDHFCutsKFP & operator=(const AliRDHFCutsKFP &source)
void SetKFPLam_Chi2topoMax(Double_t a)
Bool_t PassedTrackQualityCuts_SecondaryPion(AliAODTrack *trk)
Double_t GetProdMassTolXi()
AliAODPidHF * fPidObjPiFromV0
PID object for V0-proton.
void SetProdV0CosineOfPoiningAngleXiMin(Double_t a)