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AddTaskCFVertexingHF3ProngDs.C File Reference

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AliCFTaskVertexingHFAddTaskCFVertexingHF3ProngDs (TString suffixName="", Int_t decayOption=AliCFVertexingHF3Prong::kCountResonant, const char *cutFile="./DstoKKpiCuts.root", Int_t configuration=AliCFTaskVertexingHF::kSnail, Bool_t isKeepDfromB=kFALSE, Bool_t isKeepDfromBOnly=kFALSE, Int_t pdgCode=431, Char_t isSign=2, Bool_t useNtrkWeight=kFALSE, Bool_t isFineNtrkBin=kFALSE)

Function Documentation

AliCFTaskVertexingHF* AddTaskCFVertexingHF3ProngDs ( TString  suffixName = "",
Int_t  decayOption = AliCFVertexingHF3Prong::kCountResonant,
const char *  cutFile = "./DstoKKpiCuts.root",
Int_t  configuration = AliCFTaskVertexingHF::kSnail,
Bool_t  isKeepDfromB = kFALSE,
Bool_t  isKeepDfromBOnly = kFALSE,
Int_t  pdgCode = 431,
Char_t  isSign = 2,
Bool_t  useNtrkWeight = kFALSE,
Bool_t  isFineNtrkBin = kFALSE 

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