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FastAnalysis::Factory Struct Reference
Inheritance diagram for FastAnalysis::Factory:

Public Member Functions

FastAnalysisMake (const TString &type, const TString &subtype, Int_t monitor, Bool_t verbose, TMap &uout)
const char * Script (const TString &type) const
void Register (Maker *m)

Static Public Member Functions

static FactoryInstance ()

Private Member Functions

 Factory ()

Private Attributes

TList fList

Detailed Description

A class that can create analysers from different makers.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

FastAnalysis::Factory::Factory ( )

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Member Function Documentation

static Factory& FastAnalysis::Factory::Instance ( )

Singleton function

Definition at line 789 of file FastAnalysis.C.

Referenced by FastAnalysis::Maker::Maker(), and FastAnalysis::Run().

FastAnalysis* FastAnalysis::Factory::Make ( const TString type,
const TString subtype,
Int_t  monitor,
Bool_t  verbose,
TMap &  uout 

Make an analysis.

typeType of analyser
subtypeSub-type of analyser
monitorMonitor period in seconds
verboseWhether to be verbose
uoutPossible options. A maker can modify this to extract optoins for the analyser .
analyser or null

Definition at line 808 of file FastAnalysis.C.

Referenced by FastAnalysis::Run().

void FastAnalysis::Factory::Register ( Maker m)

Register maker


Definition at line 850 of file FastAnalysis.C.

Referenced by FastAnalysis::Maker::Maker().

const char* FastAnalysis::Factory::Script ( const TString type) const

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Referenced by FastAnalysis::Run().

Member Data Documentation

TList FastAnalysis::Factory::fList

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